Tosot BATHICA offers a standard 10-year warranty on every compressor and 10-year warranty on all other parts.
Ask your installer about our optional labour warranty packages.

Important thing to understand about mini-split warranties

Over the last few years, the North American mini-split market has seen an illogical mini-split heat pump warranty race.
The marketers assumed it would be wise to inflate the standard mini-split warranties to grow equipment sales.
The problem with this strategy is quite simple and to understand it you must understand how the mini-split world works.

Mini-split technology is solely manufactured in Asia, predominantly Japan, South Korea and China and none of the actual manufacturers offer 5-year or 10-year warranties on components, let alone labor.

When a North American brand agent decides to assume heavy warranties on his out-of-the-box mini-splits, he is using an ill-advised sales and marketing tactic that cripples’ future profitability to increase short term sales.

This tactic is only used in the North American market where most players felt that they had to match their competitor’s warranties.
This tactic will chiefly affect one department, the aftersales support department. The cost of this tactic had to be absorbed somewhere and today, many reputable companies have even started giving bonuses to their support agents for voiding mini-split warranties.

At TOSOT BATHICA, we refused to part-take in this illogical practice and as a result we are giving bonuses to our support staff based on customer appreciation.
We we’re also able to recruit the most experienced support agents because we truly put the customer first.
Our extended warranties are insured by Aviva, one of the largest insurance company in the world and they are transferable.

At TOSOT BATHICA, we believe that our customers should ultimately decide what warranty they truly need, not a short-term marketer with no support experience.

Market leading warranty


When you install a Tosot heat pump, you can feel great knowing your investment is protected by
an industry leading warranty.

*Some exceptions apply, please contact your Tosot dealer for more information.